What is Tech4Ed?

The mark of digitization would be a truly connected and inclusive society that provides equal opportunities for everyone-

Every race; Every religion; Every municipality; Every human;

As technology proves itself a luxury for most, it is hard to ensure that the opportunity reaches far beyond the homes in the capital. What has been to address these issues?

Tech4ED stands for Technology for Education, to gain Employment, train Entrepreneurs towards Economic Development.

It is a project of the DOST-ICT Office that aims to harness ICT to enable, empower and transform society creating an inclusive, integrated and equitable countryside, through providing opportunities for employment and empowering entrepreneurs. Its mission is simple– To harness the power of ICT in society towards creating a progressive countryside in 42,000 Tech4ED centers nationwide.


Each Tech4ED Center is provided with access to the Tech4Ed Platform and Learning Management System (LMS). The Platform has various content and learning materials classified in six (6) segments namely eEduSkills, eAssist, eGovServe, eMarketPlace, eAgri and eHealth.

Our Other Services

Our Tech4Ed Center in San Miguel also offer the following services

  1. Encoding
  2. Photo copy/xerox
  3. Laminating
  4. Reso Printing
  5. Picture Editing
  6. Tarpaulin Design
  7. Computer Literacy Training
  8. Email
  9. ID Picture