San Miguel is among the northeastern towns of the province   of Bohol. It was firstly known as a hunting ground of the people in the nearby towns. Later on it become a small settlement along Cambangay River named Cambangay Sur, a barrio under the municipality of Talibon and later of Trinidad. Civilization gradually grew as migrants from different places came in knowing the fertility of its vast land, and decided to live permanently therein.

Cambangay, it former name originated from the word “bangay” a kind of weed that thrive in the locality. A farmer was weeding at the time when Spanish soldiers came and asked for the name of the place. Not understanding what they say and thinking that they were asking for the name of the weed, he answered “bangay”. Happy to know, the soldiers exclaimed “COME BANGAY”. At that time they started calling the place Cambangay.

On March 14, 1961, late President Carlos P. Garcia signed the executive Order No. 423 creating barrio Cambangay Sur into municipality. Its name was change to San Miguel, named after the three Miguel’s: Saint Michael the Archangel, the Patron Saint; late Miguel Cambangay, the political bigwig of the time; and late Miguel Cresino, stalwart and known to be the bravest among the natives.